Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machines

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine has an adjustable water flow rate with an automatic electrically operated valve. Maximum water flow force varies between 0-12 bars. In addition, these machines are equipped with a Resistance Protection Sensor. It works with a compressor between 5-10 bars.

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Dpf Cinar Machine Company

The part that filters the particles in the exhaust gas formed as a result of combustion in diesel vehicles is called a particle filter. Its task is to clean the exhaust gas from particles and reduce the exhaust particle emission.

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine

DpfMac Particle Cleaning Our machine with cabin is cleaned with an automatic on-off system from the control panel with a fully automatic control system, after attaching the particle or catalyst to the head in the correct way.

What is a Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine?

This product is especially designed for cleaning clogged diesel particulate filters, catalytic converters and all filters in diesel vehicles with hot medicine.

It consists of two stages, hot and cold. Sufficient amount of medicine is added in the water, which is increased to 85 degrees Celsius in 20 minutes in a liquid reservoir with a resistance of 4500 watts. The hot drug absorbed with the help of a motor is passed through the pipes and the particle filter, and at the same time, the particle filter is multiplied by the water flow rate. The drug, which comes out of the particle filter, passes through the liquid filter and reaches the liquid reservoir again. This process continues until the cleaning is finished.

After the cleaning process is finished, the water connected to the machine from the city mains for rinsing is emptied into the cold water reservoir through the same paths and discharged out of the machine through the discharge part of the reservoir. In the continuation of these processes, the drying process takes place on the machine with a compressor that produces air to dry the micro pores in the particle filter.


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